Hirotaka's sculptural, bold designs draw inspiration from the eternal wonders of nature, from the curve of the stone to the intricate forms and unusual grace of the natural world. Growing up in Tokyo, Hirotaka was fascinated with natural history and myriad of shape and forms found in everything from the insects to sea creatures.  At the age of 18 Hirotaka moved to L.A. to study International Affairs.  However his true desires overtook him and he followed his dream of creating jewelry.  This led him to Paris, the home of Haute Couture.  After mastering his craft, Hirotaka returned to Japan and started designing bespoke jewelry for private clients with an exclusive jewelry house.  In 2009 Hirotaka launched his eponymous line as an answer to his distinguished clients' need for a 'pret-a-porter' jewelry range appropriate for any occasion- day to evening.  The process from sketch to execution follows the precision of his father's surgical knife, and with a musical muse and splash of Parisian Panache, he returns to love of his childhood.  Nature in all it's glory.
Wearing Hirotaka is a celebration of your most whimsical yet singular self.